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Old Drawing, Design and Illustration Portfolio

Posted: 1/27/15

This is all older work but i reckon it ought to be up here somewhere.

Drawing, Design & Illustration Portfolio


Handloading Target Form Generator

Posted: 8/11/14
Updated: 7/11/20

I handload my own ammunition because it might be cheaper in the long run compared to buying high quality ammunition and because you can fine tune your loads for the best accuracy. In the process, I created a little web app that allows you to quickly and easily generate your own data collection forms. Just fill out the form as shown below and hit the button. Then just bring a pencil or pen with you to the range and record your results.

Reloading Target Form Example (640 pixels)

Here's the link:







New Client Website: MouthGuardz.com

Posted: 12/23/12
Updated: 5/6/13

I just completed a new e-commerce website for mouthguardz.com. L. Heckel & Associates contracted with me to design and build their e-commerce website. I shot the packaging, designed the site, programmed a custom shopping cart that is a pleasure to use and set up a promo code system so that the client can easily assign special pricing to high-volume customers.


In the client's own words...

In the development of www.Mouthguardz.com, Jack was not only flexible, knowledgeable, and professional, he additionally maintained a shared sense of urgency, displaying a true understanding of my timeline and needs. Jack’s expertise not only covers traditional Web Design, but he is very open to the challenge of new, innovative ideas.
—LRH Founder of Mouthguardz.com


Here are a couple of screenshots from the site:

mouthguardz.com homepage (640 pixels)

The store's custom shopping cart works with 3 different payment methods. Standard credit card transactions are processed at Authorize.net while special promo codes allow for checkout by check or Net30.

mouthguardz.com store and cart (640 pixels)

Thanks to PadsitePLUS 2.0, the site also has a built-in content management system and traffic reporting as well as powerful database management tools for tracking orders, managing promo codes and customer data.

The client's product is a new mouth guard that is thinner, lighter and perforated so you can drink and breathe through it. The best part is that this mouth guard is 30% stronger than traditional mouth guards because it does a better job of distributing impact forces. It's pretty amazing by itself and I'm proud to be working with them to sell them on the interwebs.

Visit mouthguardz.com...


Mr. Piggy

Posted: 8/28/12
Updated: 3/7/13

Mr Piggy (640 pixels)

I haven't been doing much drawing lately so I'm a little rusty but Mr. Piggy here turned out okay. The drawing itself is about 13 by 11 plus a little padding making it 18 x 13.5 in all. It's done in ink on paper (pen and brush). If someone would like to give Mr. Piggy a good home, shoot me an email. The price is negotiable.

If you would like some original illustrations for your advertising or for your art collection, I would love to work with you.