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 Why work with me?




...because I am one of those rare individuals that can span many disciplines with vision and resourcefulness. When it comes to visualization, design, and implementation, my skills run the gamut from analog to digital and from left-brain to right-brain.

Talking to computers has been a lifelong hobby and these days, I combine my love of the visual arts with programming to build some of the best looking and most powerful websites around. I also do 3D modeling, animation and traditional illustration and painting using a variety of media.


  • web design, programming and databases
  • interface & graphic design
  • system architecture & process design
  • drawing, painting, illustration, animation and 3D modeling
  • furnitecture
  • watergardening
  • permaculture

These days, I mostly build turnkey websites but I can work with your design team just as easily and my background in design ensures that I will be sensitive to your design vision during production. In addition to building websites, I'm pretty handy with illustration. You can find more samples of my work on the Services page and in my Blog. Also, here is a collection of older drawings, designs and illustrations.

Over the last few years, I've built a lot of great websites for everyone from the military to e-commerce retailers to non-profits to mom-and-pop shops. During that time, I identified what the most tedius and time-consuming parts of the process were and designed a website development framework that automates and structures those parts for me allowing me to build powerful and great-looking websites in about one-tenth of the time it normally takes. That means I can build them for about one-tenth of the cost as well. Even if you already have a website, you're probably not getting much out of it and you might even be paying too much for it. Let me show you how I can empower you to do more for your business. Let's talk.

Oh and I also do logos and identity systems.

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